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 :Invitation to our introductory lecture 

Finance your Life with


 On: 16.4.20 at 20:00


From an early age I realized that if I want to do yoga, grow organic vegetables and eventually start a family, I would need an additional source of income to support my pursuit of the occupations I love.


Life taught me that money came from wisdom and knowledge, not just from work.

In addition, I knew I didn't want to engage or invest energy in things that were harmful to the world. I wanted to maintain a life of values, and at the same time obtain assets, that are capable of financing the lifestyle I seek to live.


I educated myself by connecting with people with experience and knowledge about investing through the Internet, and created a method that combines values, awareness, and investments in the stock market to reach financial freedom.


This method gave me one of the most valuable assets in the world: Time.

Time to engage in the things I love, without being dependent on immediate compensation.

This method allowed me to buy a home without a mortgage,

enjoy passive income, and provide quality education for my children.

 Best of all, it has even given me the leisure time to be with them as they grow.


I want to share with you the tools that have brought me to this well-being,

so that more people can approach money effectively.

I am aware that for a lot of us, it is a daunting and complex topic.


The desire to share my experience and bring this vital knowledge to the general public has connected me with Sharon Bergerin, an advisor and therapist in the field of awareness and personal development.

Together we spent a lot of time and deep thought in creating our content.


We are pleased to invite you to a fascinating lecture on money and awareness.

Which later (for those who choose) leads to an 8-session course that allows this method to be applied in real life.

The information you will acquire in our course can save you years of confusion and paralysis, resulting from a lack of knowledge, and inspire you to make decisions that will put you on the path to economic freedom and a meaningful life.



Location: Givat Haim Ichud through ZOOM

Date: April 16, 2020

Time: 20:00

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​ for more information feel free to contact me


Dan 0507852211


Our mission at Om Economics

is to help you reach financial freedom.

So you can invest your time in people and pursuits  that are meaningful to you and our global village.

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